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Table of Contents


Create account

Go to and enter required information in the Sign Up form.


Select Submit. You will get a confirmation on the web site, and receive a welcome e-mail. Read them both.

Login to your backoffice

Using the shortcut from the welcome e-mail or go directly to:

Use the e-mail and password registered to log in to backoffice:

Add payment method

First Month using Wallmob will always be free of charge. To ensure that your license will stay active you should add payment card details. Add payment card details using dropdown menu SETTINGS>ACCOUNT .


For invoice option contact your local Wallmob supplier.

Add products

Add your products

Add your product using dropdown menu INVENTORY->PRODUCTS.


Repeat for all your products.

Activate Point Of Sale

Download the Wallmob POS application from App Store to your iPad

Open and login to Wallmob POS application on your iPad

Log in using the same credentials as in backoffice.

Select the correct shop/store.

There should be only one option in the list. Then select PROCEED.


POS application will download relevant store and product information.

Select the correct register (Point Of Sale)

There should be only one option in the list. Then select PROCEED.


A pop-up warning will be displayed. Read it. The very first time you log in to a POS it will not be relevant. Then select PROCEED .

Select correct cashier

Select cashier Shop Owner and then LOG IN . Note that as a default there is no pin code required.

Enter cash amount

If there is a cash amount (for change) in the POS please enter the amount.


You are now ready to do your first sale!

Sell your products

Select product(s)

To add a product to the shopping cart just tap the image (or anonymous square if product image has not been uploaded). Repeat to add more than one.

Get paid

Select TENDER to enter payment mode. Then select CASH.


Select TENDER again to complete the transaction. You will be presented a page that makes it possible to send a receipt by e-mail to the customer (if requested). Select CLEAR PAYMENT to start a new sales process.

Additional information

Additional payment methods

It is possible to add numerous other payment methods like payment cards, gift cards, vouchers, mobile pay etc. Descriptions on how to do this is available in other ‘How to’-documents. Payment terminal setup is described here: How to connect payment terminals


Lots of equipment can be added to ease or/and improve the sales process for the cashier and the customer such as receipt printers, item scanners and payment terminal. Descriptions on how to do this is available in other ‘How to’-documents.


The backoffice web page is an easy to use administrator tool for the store and/or the chain of stores.